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Creative Design Solutions & Quality Construction. Professional, client-centered interior design and project management services in the Metro East and beyond.

Create & Renovate
About Me

Creative Design Solutions & Quality Construction.
Professional, client-centered interior design and project management services in the Metro East and beyond.

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Stephanie, interior designer & owner, Create & Renovate

About Me

Throughout my twenties, I had a lot of jobs - some were supposed to be strategic moves, others resulted from my curiosity, and of course there were the ones that I took out of pure necessity. During my career exploration, I found myself wasting away my days studying design publications and mentally rearranging the floor plans of any space I visited. Luckily, I had a skilled carpenter who patiently helped me implement all of the projects that I just had to try for myself. Eventually, I decided that I was so obsessed with maximizing the potential of spaces and creating cohesive, personalized designs that I wrote one of those dreaded tuition checks in order to gain some technical skills and knowledge to complement my natural talents.

When I landed my first paid project, the real learning started (and has never stopped!). Each space and client is unique - I take time to learn how a space will be used, what inspired the project, and construction limitations of the space, budget, and materials. I strive to not only provide desirable products, but also deliver excellent customer service by facilitating the entire construction process from concept to completion. No project is too big or too small - I feel blessed by all of the opportunities that I’ve had and can’t wait to learn all about the next project!    |

   --Stephanie Blankenship, interior designer & owner, Create & Renovate

So, Hire Me!   Email stephanie@createrenovate.com

My Process & Philosophy

I focus on a client-centered process that blends form and functionality, aesthetics and practicalities, to create individualized and highly personalized spaces. From my experience, you will be primarily concerned with overall design and product performance while contractors will focus on structural integrity and construction implications. It is my goal to work as a liaison between the two - I optimize communication channels, maximize design potential, navigate product selection, budget, schedule, and resolve construction implications (whether you use our crew or your own).

During an initial appointment, plan to answer questions about the scope of the project, timeline, and budget, all while asking lots of questions to learn about your overall project. When remodeling, I like to have this initial consultation in the space being designed, so measurements can be taken and adjoining spaces considered to create a cohesive design. In both remodeling and new construction, plan to share your likes/dislikes, priorities, and any visual inspiration (Pinterest, Houzz, color crushes, etc).

With that knowledge, I will design the space - typically utilizing computer software, so that you can see a graphic presentation of the overall project in the next consultation. I also utilize your preferences with consideration to project limitations to offer product choices that layer color, texture and pattern creating a harmonious space. Have you heard the phrase, “measure twice, cut once”? Similarly, we may have to revisit this phase of the process on several occasions to ensure that the design and product selections meet your expectations within your project constraints.

You will receive an itemized estimate allowing you to customize your project. Once the initial deposit has been paid, I will manage the entire project - coordinating orders and delivery, providing installation instructions, mitigating construction complications, and more to ensure that you have a completed space that is inviting and comfortable. I strive to form a partnership with you to collaborate for years to come, enhancing the spaces where you live your life by offering quality construction and unique design.    |